An excellent network infrastructure ensures data to be transfered relatively easy with no obstacle across the entire organization.


Designing and providing the right devices for your network has been our expertise and we are experienced in making sure your company get the best value for money according to your needs.


Teknokrat has also been a registered partner for Cisco since October 2015 and in May 2016, we upgraded our qualification to Select Partner with Small Midsize Business Specialization.


In addition to our Cisco portfolio, this year we have also started selling HPE Aruba Networks into one of our key customers.




Doing business and communicating online is central to the society we live in, so it’s more important than ever that the data and systems are safeguarded by systems and personnel which are qualified to secure your whole infrastructure.


Having been experienced in enterprise data center and network infrastructure solutions, Teknokrat is commited to having IT security as one of our focused solutions by adding Fortinet Unified Threat Management products into our portfolio.

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